Monday, January 28, 2013


Early shift tomorrow, so this is going to be as quick a post as I can manage.

Some more progress on this:

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I'm a bit behind on the times here seeing how PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (forthwith referred to as All-Stars) came out a few months ago as of this writing, but my thoughts still stand. There was a point, years ago, before Super Smash Bros. Brawl, that my friends and I speculated on how fun it would be if Sony would make a Smash Bros.-style brawler. If we wanted that to happen, doubtless other people did. It confounds me, then, that I have seen so many complaints about All-Stars being similar to Smash Bros. Both are solid games, and All-Stars even solves a few (admittedly minor) problems of Smash Bros., such as the mad scramble for a Smash Ball that can essentially stop a match, or some characters being near impossible to knock off a stage.

Is it like Smash Bros? Well, yes. Both are multiplayer brawlers with system-related or -specific characters and locations on the roster. Both have similar mechanics, although there are some differences. All in all, they're both fairly solid games, and if you enjoy one, you'll probably enjoy the other.

To sum up: If you like Smash Bros. titles but either don't have a Nintendo console or have wanted to duke it out with Sackboy, Kratos, and Toro (the Japanese cat-mascot of PlayStation, apparently), give All-Stars a shot. It's a good time, especially with friends.

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