Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's Process Sketch Time!

Time to take a moment to make this post I promised. So, here we go, from start to the current state:
First, a quick sketch to get an idea of what I'm doing with the character.

Corrections! Always making an effort to get the best out of a sketch.

(The rest after the jump.)

After some more adjustments, I begin sketching in details.

Her left leg and foot gave me hell, they really did.

Sketching in finer details.

Details sketched in.

Lines begin!

Lines complete! At least for the most part.

And here we are with the current state. I've fiddled around with the marks on the face, and started toying with some basic shapes for the background (as well as poking around with the perspective a bit). At the moment, I'm just letting the shapes inform the background, as I'm not quite sure what exactly I want to do with it. I'll come back to this piece eventually, but it's been shelved at the moment in favor of some projects that aren't personal (that is, ones that other people are counting on me for).

Next time: Team Fortress 2 Engineer kneepads!

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