Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quick Update from California

Hey, been a while since the last post. Unfortunately, no sketches for this update. Been occupied with helping my grandparents downsize to a smaller home, and while I have done a bit of doodling, there's not been much time to get quality images of those sketches to a computer. I'll sit down and pop a few photos over from my phone at some point for some real content. Time's been split between sketching, finishing Return of the King, and raising a Pokemon team on SoulSilver to my liking when I've not been moving things about or cleaning.

Jason, I swear your Gyarados is on the way, it was started over a month ago now and I just haven't had a point where I've been able to sit down and finish it.

Also still have the technique experiment monster on hold, as well as all that Gears of War redesign business. That may sit on the sidelines for a while longer now that another Gears game has been announced.

That's all for now.

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