Thursday, June 20, 2013

No longer sick

I've recovered from that awful cold I had! (Other than some minor lingering congestion, anyway.) I've also nearly recovered from a double shift at work. Now I can get back to doing some drawing.

Have some buttons.

Cyndaquil hardly ever seems to be pictured in what seems to be its neutral state. I've always thought it took effort for it to have its little flames going, and some of the shots I managed to reference from the show would seem to back that up.

As a bonus, here's some of the little thumbnails and roughs that get scribbled outside the button templates, as well as the first Charmander pass that I ended up disliking. All the buttons (other than the pokeballs) have had little roughs like this where I get used to the proportions and shapes of the subject while finding a pose that I like.

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