Thursday, April 5, 2012

Idle Scribbles

Between wasting time with Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and getting my time wasted being sucked into things around the internet, I've been mulling over creating my own Minecraft texture pack. It seems like a pretty big challenge, from what I've seen, or at the least several hundred hours' worth of work. The toughest bit so far is coming up with a visual direction. I've seen so many different texture packs I'm not sure where to begin with ideas.

So I started by sketching interpretations of Minecraft's most iconic monster, the creeper.

You know, I really need to look into getting a new scanner. A better one.
So far, I'm enamored with the idea of a "window" in the Creeper that would show a pile of gunpowder and a lit fuse. I've always thought of Creepers as these bizarre constructs rather than living things.

After the jump, an unrelated monster!

I've also been mulling over some private concepts for a possible tabletop-like RPG-type game. Monsters the size of trucks, that sort of thing. Some sketches:
Honestly, the scanner. I really need to look into a newer one. In any case, a large, chitinous-armored beast-monster. Playing around with facial features and armor plate shapes.

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