Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yes, I still exist

Wow, so, been a while, huh? Got into a slump and then got depressed and had a little bit of a breakdown before recovering from that, and now I'm feeling more inspired and confident. Now if I can just keep Minecraft from burning through all of my time while I'm not at work, I'll be able to get things done.

So it came up some time ago in a conversation with a friend of mine that I really, really dislike designs in the Gears of War series. I decided, I said, that when I got some time I would sit down and put my money where my mouth was, in a manner of speaking, and do some redesigns. I was also spurred to try this out by the excellent redesigns of the Justice League, Batman, and Legion of Doom by Aaron Diaz. You should really take a look at those if you haven't yet, by the way.

While I won't be going so in-depth as to rewrite character histories, I do want to find a better, more distinct look for a few things in Gears, though. And let's get this out of the way, too: I've only played a portion of the second game. And I did have fun with what I played, even if the writing had about as much subtlety as a house on fire. All that said, I've done a little bit of reading on the wiki to get a better grasp on the Gears creatures, characters, and conflict.

So to kick things off, I thought I'd start with the basic Locust Grunt. Apparently, they're supposed to be reptilian. I never knew this until I read it. I never even guessed. I guess the Locust are threatening by... being large and ugly? but then again so are the main characters, and both groups have the same basic stumpy, burly look to them. The Locust really don't look that inhuman, all told. Especially the Queen. Someone please explain that one to me.

Since they're supposedly reptilian, I thought I'd push that angle a little more:

It's all pretty quick, but there are some basic ideas. All in all maybe 30 minutes to an hour, I really need to remember to keep track of time when I'm drawing. Based mostly in lizards and lastly in pit vipers. I want to get a good idea of a face and skull before I get into how the body's going to look, so these are really just the start of the busts for the Locust.

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