Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scanners are awful

So, my grandmother passed away last month, which is part of why there's been a lull in posts again. My family and I were in San Antonio for about a week and a half on short notice, getting there the day before she went, but we were there for her last moments and she was aware of us being there. I understandably didn't really feel like drawing for a week or so there.

I'm fine now, and I have been for some time at this point--the world keeps turning and all that, have to move forward, etc. I did manage to do some sketching on the plane there and in the airport on the way back in my mini-sketchbook, so here are the results that the scanner destroyed which I tried to salvage through some Photoshop adjustments.
People fidget constantly at airports.
I would've loved to have some reference for bat ears. I couldn't quite recall the exact shapes. Pity.

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