Thursday, July 14, 2011


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So, here we are, the first post with an image slapped onto it. This is a particularly quick scribble from a few weeks ago. Not sure why I didn't post it sooner, but that's probably just my over-thinking things like I usually do. This little griffon-beastie is Widget, based on eagle owls. He's a twist on a Pathfinder character's pet. Did I mention this was a quick sketch? It is. It's very quick.

In other news, I'm a little put off by the new Harley Quinn costume. She's been one of my favorite characters since I became a Bat-fan long ago in the 90's watching the Animated Series. While I don't read superhero comics (ironic, since I love a lot of the shows like Justice League and Teen Titans), it just disappoints me where they've taken the character, at least visually. I'm not aware of anything in the DC canon that's been happening, so I can't say anything about plot points or character development--the last time I knew anything about Harley, it was during the Animated Series and the Arkham Asylum game (ah, what a wonderful game). Speaking of which, I'm excited for Arkham City. Everything surrounding it looks fantastic so far. Trying not to get too psyched up about it, though. I don't want to inflate my expectations too much and have the game fall short. I'll be interested to see how Tara Strong fares as Harley's new voice, too. A bit ironic there, too, since she used to voice Batgirl. But she's a great actress, so I've got every confidence for the character in Arkham City. Even if that corset is far too tight to be breathing, much less doing acrobatics.

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