Thursday, March 13, 2014


After a long, long time saving up for it, I finally have a Cintiq. And it is wonderful.

Everything feels so much more natural, and I've been playing with the new hardware with that character height chart when I'm not working. My hours have gone back up lately, so it's been a good chunk of my time.

Time for some progress images, then.

 Before the Cintiq arrived.

Costume change.

Cintiq arrived; started playing around with it by doing some finished lines.

Next, explored some sketching ability while trying to fix the pose of the troll.

Removed two figures to work on the elf. Also noticed some mistakes on the troll and put down a note. Whoops.

Fixed some pretty glaring problems on the elf, sketched on the troll's arm (still have fixes to make there) and played around with some flat colors. Excited to get to rendering, it should be a lot of fun on this monster of a tablet monitor.

I am so glad I decided to buy this thing. It's a fantastic tool for digital work.

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